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What are the highest mountains in Russia?

       The answer is on this page. Here you can find the names of the highest Russian mountains together with heights and locations. The highest Russian and European mountain is Elbrus.

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List of the highest Russian mountains

Name Height / [m] Location/Range
Elbrus 5642Caucasus
Dykh-Tau or Dykhtau 5204Caucasus
Pushkin peak 5108Caucasus
Kazbek 5033Caucasus
Gestola 4859Caucasus
Shota Rustaveli Peak 4859Caucasus
Jimara 4780Caucasus
Uilpata 4646Caucasus
Gora Shaukhokh 4636Caucasus
Kukurtlu (Kukurtli-Kolbashi)4624Caucasus
Belukha 4506Altay
Munku-Sardyk 3491East Sayan Mountains
Kyzyl-Taiga 3122West Sayan Mountains
Pobeda Peak 3003Chersky Range
Ledyanaya 2453Koryak Mountains
Tardoki-Yangi 2090Sikhote-Alin mountain range
Narodnaya1895Ural Mountains
Yamanatau 1640Ural Mountains

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